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  • Primefaces p:dialog minWidth, minHeight. Bug

    p:dialog is a handy JSF component (by Primefaces), especially with a lot of controls available (ajax integration etc.).
    I ran into a small tiny bug with minWidth and minHeight, the component won’t set these values into the style.

    it’s always auto unless I define a width and height which is not my target, my primefaces version is 3.5.

    so I had to let jQuery handle this issue by selecting the class of my dialog and add these missing style attributes.

    First make sure you set the styleClass into “dialog-fix” or whatever you like (this class name is used by jQuery selector)


    And here’s the jQuery function

    * this js function would fix p:dialog minWidth and minHieght Bug in primefaces
    * just don't forget to include styleClass into p:dialog as dialog-fix for jQuery Selectors
    * for more info, I issued a bug ticket
    * Hatem Alimam
    $(function() {
    $('.dialog-fix').css("min-width", "400px");

    In that way I overcome this bug (at least for now).

    For more info I issued a bug ticket

  • Netbeans won’t work on Mac OS X since apple dropt support for Java updates

    netbeans java 7 mac

    Apple, which has previously included Java with installations of Mac OS X, announced the move on its support site. It said that customers need to obtain Java directly from Oracle if they want to access web content written the widely used programming language.

    And now Oracle releases Java SE Development Kit 7 (JDK 1.7u4) for Mac OS X. It is the first official Oracle release for Mac OS X. See Release Notes.

    In case you type

    java -version

    you are going to notice that your mac still has 1.6 JVM.

    Too many forums suggest to edit your java environment variables, but this is a very bad solution and maybe a temp one.
    As I searched I noticed that Oracle has released a Netbeans 7.3 along with JDK 7 which would solve the problem.

    Here’s the link: JDK 7u17 with NetBeans 7.3 – x64

    After you install the new JDK all your previous Netbeans versions will work normally.