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  • Yii and instagram API

    Yii and instagram API PHP

    Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. The service enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services.

    Too many developed great apps for this platform such as which is a great implementation of the public API.

    instagram gives developers a great API, however there’s a php API of course based on the original instagram API but much more simpler to use in your PHP project.

    This API called PHP-Instagram-API .

    To use this API in your Yii project please download it from here.

    extract to downloaded ZIP file. You will see three folders “Examples”, “Instagram”, “Tests”.
    Just take “Instagram” folder and place it under “protected/components/”.

    I created a nice class and called it InstaConnect, which you can place all your functions inside it (in components folder).
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